Students Speak on Future of Entertainment

Along with a number of students exploring USC programs centered around technology, business, and entertainment, I was invited to speak on a panel at the USC Entertainment Technology Center in March 2019. We discussed the future of the entertainment industry before about 25 entertainment executives from companies like Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal. Here are some video highlights:

Students discussed M&E with ETC's executive board.

More about the USC School of Cinematic Arts ETC program:

The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) is a neutral meeting ground that brings together senior executives from the entertainment, consumer electronics, technology and services industries and academic faculty and researchers to address topics related to the creation, distribution and consumptions of entertainment content. ETC's work has covered a wide scope, ranging from an instrumental role of testing, evaluating & facilitating the global standard for the rollout of Digital Cinema to the innovative exploration of the Digital Home (broadband entertainment on demand, home networking and new content distribution methods and devices).

ETC provides a number of opportunities for students to share their opinions and expertise with industry leaders. ETC's Student Forums are informal discussions where the center's Platinum level sponsors explore issues of entertainment consumption with USC students. Surveys, panels, and long-term research projects, as well as sponsor-directed focus groups conducted at ETC's Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab and Consumer 3D Experience Lab provide fresh feedback on next generation trends. The students' needs and expectations offer a valuable window of information that many of our sponsors factor into their company's decisions. These groups are used to study the impact of the consumer of new technologies, how likely they are to be adopted, and what future use might develop outside of the intended purpose.

Natalie Monger